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Braai Recipes


Having great braai recipes on the menu is always important, especially if you’re planning to take top ‘Braai Master’ honours. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite braai recipes from top chefs and cooking celebrities around the country, including Jan Braai, Justin Bonello, Jane Anne Hobbs Rainer, Ryk Neethling, Bryan Habana (sort of), the Cape Wine Braai Masters, Sarah Duff, Kati Auld and Cameron Ewart-Smith.

Daniela Bonoro’s beer in the bum chicken

This is one braai recipe that has to be shared. The technique used in this recipe is brilliant as it guarantees tender, juicy, succulent chicken every time. Plus, it’s rather fun to look at.

Get the full beer in the bum chicken recipe here.

Chicken - beer bum recipe

Justin Bonello’s strandloper crayfish

With just two ingredients this strandloper crayfish recipe is as old as the hills and tastes just brilliant.

Get the full strandloper crayfish recipe here.

Crayfish are very strange looking creatures up close

Kati Auld’s easy snoek on the braai with chilli sauce

Some people will say that there’s only one way to braai a snoek: open, in a grid, with apricot jam. Kati Auld, however, has her own ideas, and they involve a dose of delicious.

Get the full snoek on the braai with chilli sauce recipe here.

Snoek braai recipe

Kati Auld’s sticky sweet and sour pork chops

This super-easy marinade guarantees tender, tasty pork chops, complete with the yummy sticky caramelised bits that everyone loves. Try it with this roasted garlic potato salad and you won’t look back.

Get the full sticky sweet and sour pork chops recipe here.


sticky sweet sour pork chops

Sarah Duff’s vegetarian braai kebabs

For vegetarian braais, you may think there aren’t many options apart from stuffed mushrooms and butternuts in foil. Why not try these vegetarian sausage braai kebabs?

Get the full vegetarian braai kebabs recipe here.

Jan Braai’s puttanesca pasta in a potjie

Making potjie is fantastic. The process lasts for hours, the smells escaping from the classic three-legged pot are delicious and the sound of a simmering pot and crackling fire is like a live symphony. Which brings us to this recipe, an Italian classic and something you really should master, puttanesca pasta, in a potjie of course.

Get the full puttanesca pasta in a potjie recipe here.

Puttanesca pasta in a potjie